Adding & Terminating Users

Adding & Terminating Team Members

To Add a New User:

1. Login to PrimeAgent >> Brokerage >> View Roster

2. Click the “Add New User” Button and enter all Required Profile Information:

  • Select Office
  • Select Type (users who hold a real estate license should ALWAYS be marked as Executive- this relates to billiing, not the permissions he or she has in the system)
  • Select Status
  • Select a Fee Plan (options are determined by the office fee plan as well as the "type" previously selected for user)
  • Enter Direct Phone Number (note that at least one phone number must be marked as the "primary" number)

3. Enter additional public and internal profile information.

Fill out all available profile information to ensure contact information, display name, social media links, languages and other information appear as preferred on the new Executives’ free agent profile. Including additional information as noted on the form also ensures Realty Executives International has the correct information on file for internal use only (such as birthday, date hired, etc.)

4. Enter “Web Visible” preference

Choosing “yes” will create a visible profile on and other Realty Executives websites, if applicable. Select “No” for any member who should not have a public-facing profile on our website(s), including “confidential” new Executives or administrators (in some regions).

5. Select the new member’s role and click “add” at bottom left of screen

Any required field errors will be highlighted in red and must be corrected before the new user can be added.

6. Click "Add" from the bottom of the screen.

7. Click on the "Send Welcome Email" button.

Once the user profile has been added, you will remain on the profile screen. Scroll to the bottom to locate the button.



To Terminate a User:

1. Login to PrimeAgent >> Brokerage >> View Roster

2. Search for the member by first and last name

3. Click “edit” (right side of the member’s name)

4. Change the user's status to "inactive"

Once you have switched the status, scroll to the bottom left of the page and click “update.”  Please note that if the agent returns, you can reactivate the account (instead of creating a new one).

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