Missing Listings

Although it is uncommon, some agents will notice that some or all of their listings are missing from Realty Executives websites.  Please read below for some common reasons and next steps.


1. MLS Entry Time

Realty Executives pulls in MLS data twice per day- once in the morning and once at night.  Listings that were entered into the MLS do not immediately appear on our site.  Listings may take up to 24 hours to appear on our website (if we have a direct MLS feed in place).  Listings that come to our site via ListHub may take up to 48 hours to load.  If your listings are still missing after this time period, please contact Customer Service.


2. Listing Status

Each MLS has different rules for what listing statuses can be displayed on Realty Executives websites.  Listings that are in pending, expired, withdrawn, or sold status are often excluded from display on our sites (per MLS rules).  If your listing recently had a status change, it is possible that the status is no longer eligible for display on our site.  If your listing is active and not appearing, please contact Customer Service.


3. MLS Participation

Realty Executives has direct MLS feeds in various areas.  We also have a ListHub and CREA feed.  If your listings are missing, check with your broker to see if Realty Executives has a direct feed in your area.  To see if your MLS participates in ListHub, click here.  Please note that on occasion some MLS boards will choose to stop participating with ListHub.


4. MLS Connection

Confirm you are connected to your listings in PrimeAgent.  Click on My Account >> Connect My Listings to check your status.

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